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Now that’s summer’s over, I just can’t help but feel sad that the water temperature is going to start cooling down and pretty soon we’re going to have to wear wetsuits again. I know that winter is still several months away, but I am seriously not looking forward to the water temperature dropping. With that said, the best waves always arrive during the winter time. Here is a photo of my friends warming up under the sun and chatting after a cold winter session.

(taken with with a Holga 135) 

Early morning on the East Coast. We all woke up early for a dawn patrol while the tourists were still sleeping in their RVs. We caught some awesome waves and really fun moments that would make 2014 unforgettable.

On a boat trip to the “secret island” where my friends told me had one of the best lefthand waves one could ever ride. One of the best adventures I’ve ever embarked on. We stayed in a village where electricity was cut after 9PM because they only had a generator for power, but the moon was out and everyone celebrated all night.

On Taking Portraits


This is a picture I took of my girlfriend, Daphne through a DIY Twin lens reflex about a year ago. I know her very well, and yet I feel like she is the most mysterious person I have ever known in my life. She interests me in ways no other person can.

I like taking photographs of people that are significant in my life. Sometimes when I look through the viewfinder, I see things in them that I usually don’t notice through regular interaction—even when I know them very well. Sometimes, being behind a camera allows me to take a glimpse into what my subjects keep inside. I’ve observed that I am only able to take good photographs of people when I have a deep sense of connection with them.

I’ve long realized that taking good portraits is never about mastering the technical aspects of photography, but rather all about maintaining the invisible bond between the photographer and the subject. I consider a portrait successful when even strangers looking at the picture feel the a similar sense of connection the photographer felt the moment the image was taken.


This is perhaps one of my all-time favorite Holga photographs, and it’s of my college friend, Sarah. I took this photo one cold afternoon in October while we were getting ready to leave after a fulfilling day of surfing at Sunset Beach.

Shot with a Holga around 6 years ago. The film I used was a Fuji Velvia 100, cross-processed to create heavy contrast and saturation.

Here’s my friend Josh flipping his long dread locks. He has recently cut them for a bit of a lifestyle change. I think having dreadlocks is one good way to express one’s individuality, but at the same time, I guess you can only rebel with your hair for so long. 

Some of the best memories I have happened in the summer time. I love summer so much that sometimes I feel like I spend the rest of the year looking forward to the season’s hot weather and the carefree mood it brings.

Here’s some of my friends washing off their surfboards after a wonderful day of surfing. 

(Image taken from tumbler; image source unknown)

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